What Ps2 games would you like to see on your PS4? Here’s my top 5 games that I would like to see make its way to the PS4

Given the fact that Sony launched their new generation console without any backward compatibility functionality in 2013, it is clear that there is going to be majority of playstation devotee’s who want to re-experience nostalgic classics of the former hardware. That said, Sony have already started to poll users on what kind of PS2 games they would like to see on the PS4.  Here are my top 5 suggestions:
1. The devil may cry series set a bold criterion for action video games in the early 2000s. Each of the first three games on the PS2 created testing, stylish, and melodramatic experiences, all constructed through the brash lead protagonist Dante. Each of the entries follows a level based design that consists of puzzle solving and player exploration, forcing participators to learn combat manoeuvres, block and evade enemy strikes, all for the purpose of moving forward with the narrative and surviving.
2.The prince of Persia trilogy is great option for fans to relive the life of the titular Prince, taking you through his downfall in the Sands of Time, his soul searching in Warrior Within, and the closing entry with his effort for redemption in Two Thrones. The trilogy graced the era of the PS2 with it not only standing out amongst other gaming competition, but it crafted mechanics that games released years later would try to imitate (Assassins Creed).
3.More obscure and cerebral than warfare action movies, Metal Gear Solid games are melodramatic, politically inspired, situated in a science fiction realm and resembles a lot of the war struggles today. The metal gear solid series chronicles the mercenary careers of both Big Boss and his cloned offspring Solid Snake, and their military ties within and without the US government. It has always been a series that placed emphasis on stealth rather than action but part of the beauty of the series is it combination of ideas and motifs from past events and classical cinema.
4.Red faction series is an accomplished shooter that deserves a re-look from fans who follow the first person shooter genre. You play as Parker throughout Red Fraction, an attractive first person shooter that gives players a wide variety of weapons and some other worthwhile features and most notably an intensive single player campaign that keeps players hooked from beginning to end.
5.Perhaps more than any other franchise, God of War stands out as another hit that gamer’s would like to revisit. A series that is loosely based on Greek Mythology follows the playable character of Kratos, a Spartan warrior tricked into eliminating his own wife and child by his former master, Ares. The game centres on a combination of combat, plat forming and puzzle elements to achieve goals and complete the story. For folks who have never owned a PS2, backward compatibility on the PS4 would make first time players into ardent supporters of the series.

The list to potential PS2 entries on demand is endless, so what would your top 5 PS2 games on the PS4 be?

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