Breaking into Video Game Journalism

If you’re someone who wants to break into games media journalism, has a passion for writing, loves gaming and is genuinely dedicated to building a career in the gaming journalism sphere, let’s face it – you’re not the only one. Competition is fierce and, similar to the industry that supplies you with heaps of material daily, it is expanding every day.

The truth is that, gaming journalism, like all competitive lines of work, most of those who chase a goal, work in obscurity. As is the case for all forms of journalism, you need to be ambitious, diligent and dedicated to the perfection of your craft. Forget about the fallacy that games journalist “play game all day,” your lust for being a talented wordsmith needs to eclipse your fascination with playing video games.

While this may sound obvious to many unrecognized game journalist who look to jump in on the bandwagon, gaming can’t just be a hobby listed on a resume, you have to get familiar to all forms of jargon and establish your own industry voice, so that you can better portray all aspects of gaming even when asked to review a weak title – which, incidentally, happens a lot of the time.

In an email, Alex Dale, Former editor and staff writer gave a rather downbeat view of the profession of video games journalism and how to enter the industry: “In my experience, the best way to enter journalism is via an entry role position such as staff writer or editorial assistant. A few are able to break in as freelance writers in the first instance; if this is the route aspirants wish to go down, always attach copies of your previous work and pitch articles or features to editors which are relevant to the publication’s output and audience.

Work experience is often a quick fix to the uncertain, whereby you can build a body of work quickly, but there will be little gaming credits – i.e. income. “Work experience will help you build up a portfolio but there is little benefit in taking a lengthy unpaid intern role.”

Alannah pearce a video game reviewer and reporter on IGN and Button Bash TV expressed her opinion, via her YouTube channel, said “you don’t need any education; you just need to know write and how to be confident with your words.”

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